Are you Investing Equally in your Corporate and Personal Brands?

We’re all busy building our personal brands, but are there best practices we can apply to protect the brands we work on?

Blurring the Line Between 'Corporate' and 'Personal' Brand

Your personal brand has never been so important, had so much awareness, PR and third-party endorsement. Each like on a post, each connection request on LinkedIn, each share on a blog or an article you write increases your brand awareness. Each story you share via a status update, each photo you post of a night out or your kid’s first day at school allows you to present the image that you want to, and connect with your audience using the channel you feel is most appropriate at that particular moment in time.

Social media has really blurred the lines between the corporate brand and the personal brand. Nowadays, brands have Facebook profiles with millions of fans and are able to:

  • comment in real time
  • respond to customer queries
  • post photos
  • invite discussion
  • offer advice

As a result, it has never been more important to protect your corporate brand assets by being obsessive about how they are managed. After all, you are with the "assets" related to your personal brand.

Protecting Your Brand with Brand Asset Management

Brand asset management goes a long way towards helping you to control, protect, manage and share your brand assets. To find out more, check out these resources: