What is Creative Asset Management (CAM)?

Getting to Know Creative Asset Management (CAM)

Also known as Work in Progress DAM (WiP DAM), creative asset management focuses on the creative design and production teams that generate original collateral. The processes for an asset ingestion and metadata extraction are part of the creative workflow, and are unobtrusive to the natural working habits of the team and individual contributors. Searching for and utilizing assets stored in the centralized system is easily managed while working with creative applications. Automation of tasks such as cataloging assets and transformations for specific applications allow for increased productivity. Creative asset management is the beginning of the asset lifecycle, and, when implemented correctly, provides collaboration and distribution to marketing distribution teams that consume these assets. Creative teams and individuals can also be engaged as resources from marketing resource management (MRM) workflows via the CAM system workflows.

CAM Key Features

  • Provides a centralized repository for work groups
  • Asset usage tracking
  • Easily search for and re-purpose assets
  • Seamless integration with creative applications
  • Usage Rights controls for assets
  • Creative operations management tools and automation
  • Transformation capabilities
  • Enhancement of asset metadata automatically
  • Collaboration tools such as Review and Approval
  • Version controls

Timo Faber
Product Manager Xinet