Webinar: Digital Asset Management in 2015

The lower costs of creating content, along with the need to create engaging, media-rich experiences for customers, means organisations are creating more content than ever before. This increase has highlighted the vital importance of effective Digital Asset Management (DAM) to ensure that the content creation process and finalised content is effectively managed and presented.

In this live webinar, DAM experts from Northplains and customer experience experts from SDL will discuss topics such as the effect of the casual marketing user on DAM, video repurposing for marketing, web personalisation and interoperability between DAM systems to establish “What’s Hot and What’s Not in Digital Asset Management in 2015”.

Register for this live webinar to learn:

  • Best practices for effectively managing your assets across multiple channels
  • The latest developments in Digital Asset Management
  • How the role of Digital Asset Management will evolve in the upcoming year

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