The Value of Video as a Marketing Tool

The use of video as a marketing tool is rapidly increasing. Telling a brand story with video is not only providing a richer experience to the viewer, it is easier and more effective in communicating your message than other digital mediums. Video content is able to convey personality and feeling by using emotive sounds and/or music in a way that still images sometimes cannot. Utilizing video in your marketing strategy often makes it easier for people to understand and engage with your brand, products and/or services. From product promotion to education to lifestyle videos, the content opportunities are endless and companies are constantly finding new and innovative approaches to interacting with their brand's intended audience.

With the high availability of Wi-Fi and the number of devices we use throughout our daily lives, the ability to consume video-based marketing content has increased dramatically through social media, websites and mobile applications. Research shows that video media is an effective tool in increasing open rates and click-through rates in content marketing campaigns.

Create More Engaging Content

Second screening, or multi-screen engagement, is on the rise as well. If you’re not familiar with that expression, look around you next time you're watching TV with friends or family. You might find that some of are simultaneously engaged with different content on a second device such as a cell phone or tablet. You may even witness them watching an advertisement or another video whilst you are trying to watch your favorite TV show. This behavior is becoming par for the course in today's media-driven society. Thus, the pressure on marketers to ensure the content they create stands out among the rest increases. This is yet another compelling reason to choose video content as a more palpable medium in your marketing strategy.

Maximize the Value of Your Video Assets

Video production can be expensive; therefore, it’s critical to maximize your content marketing ROI from the video assets you produce. Part of realizing this efficiency is through effective asset management throughout the content lifecycle, starting from the creative production process, metadata management and archiving, through to the delivery to either users or downstream delivery systems. Implementing a digital asset management system will give your organization the ability to streamline the workflow and, in turn, maximize your video content's ROI.

Increase your video content's ROI by:

  • reducing the time taken to get approved content into the repository
  • implementing effective cataloging and management system of video assets
  • reducing digital asset duplication across the organization (creation costs and storage costs)
  • providing localized content
  • being able to transform and utilize content in a multi/omni-channel environment

If you would like further information about video asset management or any other digital asset management, please feel free to contact me or another member of the Northplains team.

Mike Verrell
Pre Sales Manager