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How Does a DAM Deliver ROI?

There’s no doubt that a digital asset management solution is an investment. Generally, DAM solutions aren’t cheap, which is why prospective customers often ask Northplains to help build their business case for a DAM. One way we do this is by explaining how a DAM contributes to a company’s bottom line.

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OOTB vs. Configuration vs. Customization

The Keys to DAM Success The success of any DAM implementation is directly driven by user adoption of the system. User adoption is determined by ease of use and overall functionality. If your users do not like your system, they will not use it… and if they do not use it, your digital asset management system will not be successful.

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Why is Metadata Critical to Your DAM?

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Recorded Webinar: DAM With a Twist

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How Does Northplains Help Large Enterprises?

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How to Manage your Digital Content Better

Check out this excellent article, featured in Digital Marketing Magazine, on how to best manage your digital content by our very own Sr. Product Manager, Tim Shaw. Article highlights include the 7 questions you need to ask to inform your digital marketing strategy, as well as content management best practices. Shaw also shares the 6 steps to a successful digital asset management (DAM) strategy, including:

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How Can Northplains' Solutions Help IT Professionals?

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The Marketer's Challenge: Content Management

More, Better, Faster: Creating and Managing Content in a Digital World As if creating great content is not hard enough, how do you do it faster, more often and more effectively?

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The Value of Video as a Marketing Tool

The use of video as a marketing tool is rapidly increasing. Telling a brand story with video is not only providing a richer experience to the viewer, it is easier and more effective in communicating your message than other digital mediums. Video content is able to convey personality and feeling by using emotive sounds and/or music in a way that still images sometimes cannot. Utilizing video in your marketing strategy often makes it easier for people to understand and engage with your brand, products and/or services. From product promotion to education to lifestyle videos, the content opportunities are endless and companies are constantly finding new and innovative approaches to...

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Choosing the Right DAM Solution for Your Organization

Which DAM Solution is Right for My Organization? No two implementations of digital asset management are the same. Therefore, determining which DAM solution is right for an organisation will require an element of discovery to find out what the business is trying to achieve. It’s the same reason why there are so many cars on the market. Taking a Ferrari off-road isn’t going to work. One size just doesn’t fit all.

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