Announcement: Xinet 18.1, A New and eXciting, Feature-rich Release is Out Now

Northplains is excited to announce the latest release of Xinet 18.1. Our digital asset management (DAM) system is designed to help companies, in-house creative departments, and advertising agencies to more effectively manage documents, images, video and other content in an omni-channel environment. This new release includes new features as well as major enhancements to existing features.

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5 Ways to Get the Most out of DAM

So, you’ve purchased a DAM solution for your company. Your assets have been transferred into the repository and sorted. Now what? Digital asset management software is more than just a storage space.DAM can be used to share, manage and revolutionize the way your company runs. But how do you know if you are using your DAM solution to its fullest potential?

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5 Takeaways to Improve Your DAM in 2016

If you missed out on our 3rd annual thought-leadership webinar, don’t worry! We have gone through and pulled out some of the key takeaways for both those in pursuit of a DAM system or trying to maximize their existing one.

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What is Brand and Marketing Asset Management?

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Reconnecting the Dots: How DAM Has Evolved

Steve Jobs once said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.” You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.

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How Does DAM Affect Collaboration?

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DAM: The Gift That Keeps Giving

With the end of the year and holidays quickly approaching, the importance of having a DAM solution in place significantly increases. Organizations are producing content and rich media at a much faster pace due to the lower costs associated with creation; however, without an effective digital asset management system in place this content becomes a nightmare to manage.

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Regulated Marketers Breakfast Briefing

A Spirited and Wide-ranging Debate

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The Importance of Brand Consistency

Brand consistency. Easy to say, hard to achieve. Any brand owner or marketer can confirm. Making sure that every single instance of a brand’s identity is presented in the correct way is a huge challenge and becomes even harder to achieve as more staff, agencies and locations are involved. What’s more, with the sheer volume of content being created by most organisations, the problem is set to become even bigger.

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How Do Northplains’ DAM Solutions Help with Compliance?

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