The Competitive Digital Asset Management Landscape

"Northplains' experience in digital asset management goes back decades. It was founded in the early 90s. Really at that time the DAM market didn't exist, and Northplains really helped create that market."

- Gregg Schoonover, CTO, Northplains

"We don't just focus the archival part of digital asset management. We're also really focused on how we interact with the creatives and how we interact with the brand owners and the marketers who are consuming that content. What we can do that's different from other organizations is that we do a much broader spectrum and we're much more focused on addressing the business pain points that our customers have."

- Mohan Taylor, Chief Product Officer, Northplains

"We are absolutely focused on trying to do the right thing for the customer. Innovate ahead of the market, but also with input from the customer."

- Liz Sophia McClellan, Chief Marketing Officer, Northplains

"The other aspect is a huge long-term partner base. I've rarely seen the number of partners that we have having seen such a longevity of relationship, which clearly says that Northplains are delivering some unique value."

- Richard Price, UK & Ireland Country Manager, Northplains

Standing Out in the Crowd

When looking at the Digital Management space, as always with software, there are a myriad of approaches, capabilities and sources to turn to for advice when trying to match your requirements with the plethora of offerings in the market. In parallel with this one must also run the gauntlet of three letter acronyms to ascertain which “stream” you think your requirements primarily match to try and narrow the search and information returned. Is it DAM, BAM or MAM?

Having completed your early due-diligence and looked at the marketplace and resources, the next challenge is to decipher the vendor websites and collateral – when they talk about Digital Enterprise Content Management, Customer Engagement Management, Dynamic Digital Systems or Digital Omni-Channel Delivery Applications – one might question whether the person such collateral is directed at is any the wiser to the fundamental questions they are looking to answer?

The Northplains Difference

Having recently joined Northplains Systems, the simplicity of the message and pure focus on the Digital Asset and Brand Management space was the primary appeal. Rather than a complicated set of quasi applications promoted by marketing and IT teams, the message instead speaks to the digital asset’s journey from creation to management to distribution. Rather than asking the client to understand which solution they feel they are primarily aligned to, the discussion is to understand the immediate and future requirements of their particular use case and make sure the advice is pertinent to this, rather than the features and functions of a particular software application.

And the really interesting part comes when we look at the Cloud. Having the flexibility to offer the client a truly managed hybrid or on-premise approach, with solutions designed in their origination to deliver in these fashions, is fantastic. The majority of clients we discuss requirements with aren’t, strangely, interested in embarking on a 3 or 5 year IT solution, but rather in consuming an application that will support, adapt and prove flexible enough to deliver the service they, their colleagues and partners require as a business.

The consumption of pure-play DAM vendors by the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software industry, with their broader information management strategies over the last 10 years, has seen the dilution, some would argue, of the specialist software vendor advisory role in the DAM market. This is particularly exacerbated with many of the remaining smaller vendors having to service the market through webinars and WebEx’s as their main engagement strategy for initial conversations with prospects.

Choose Northplains, Choose Success

In this regard Northplains remains perhaps somewhat unique in its conventional approach – great clients and partners working with a great development and executive team to maintain, through investment, its position as the leading pure-play DAM company in the marketplace, offering great references and expertise to anyone looking to embark on a digital asset management journey now or in the future. And whilst working with clients and their partners to fully understand requirements, educating and challenging assumptions where beneficial. Becoming part of a cohesive delivery team may not be revolutionary in broad terms – perhaps it still is in the current DAM marketplace.

Richard Price
Country Manager UK & ROI