How to Prime Your Team for Success in a Disrupted World

Think about the most successful team you’ve been a part of. A team that worked together really well, showed flexibility, solved problems in creative ways and served up productive solutions to challenging situations. What was the makeup of that team? What different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences were represented? 

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How to Stay Ahead of Holiday Shoppers in 2020

The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier each year, but this year, the creep is even more noticeable. When Amazon shifted Prime Day from July to mid-October, other retailers followed the example and also offered strong promotions in October. Estimates show that 49% of shoppers plan to buy gifts before Halloween. 

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What Banksy has Taught Us about the Importance of Rights Management

Recently, Banksy, the elusive UK-based street artist, activist and film director, lost a two-year attempt to trademark one of his most famous graffiti images, “Flower Thrower.”  While most artists protect their art through copyright, Banksy cannot do so without revealing his long-concealed identity. To avoid this, his company often opts to file a “trademark without text.” However, in this case, this tactic was not successful. 

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How Covid-19 Made SaaS and Cloud Technology More Important than Ever

Where does your business stand when it comes to digital readiness? If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that if your business systems aren’t nimble, flexible and remotely accessible, there is no more tomorrow or next year to get there. If you found yourself having to scramble to provide your employees access to physical servers and other collaboration tools, now more than ever you should be thinking about making the change to cloud-based technology, otherwise known as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform.  

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What You Missed at Aclate Engage Virtual Summit 2020

We were thrilled to gather Aclate experts, partners, and customers online to review best practices and winning strategies for continuous customer engagement. Day 1 of the Virtual Summit focused on the Customer Engagement Stream and how you can connect and deliver data-driven customer experiences.

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5 Ways to Work from Home Effectively and Efficiently

Many cities in the world have issued stay-at-home orders to stop the spread of COVID-19. With it, millions of people who typically go into an office are now working from home. Working remotely is nothing new to the 100-percent global remote team here at Aclate. We understand that it is a big task when you are responsible for creating your own schedule, setting up a workspace and enforcing work/life balance. However, we love the remote-working model and believe it to be one of increased ownership, excellence and overall job satisfaction.

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Super Bowl LIV, RIP Mr. Peanut: How to Flawlessly Pivot Your Brand

Did you hear that Mr. Peanut died during Super Bowl LIV? Yes, Planters offed its 104-year-old monocled advertising logo and mascot and brought him back to life as much younger and cuter, modernized #BabyNut during the game.

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What's next for Digital Asset Management in 2020

2020 and Beyond: Digital (Asset Management) Transformation 2.0

Welcome to 2020! It’s amazing how far Digital Asset Management as come in the last decade! As one of the founding leaders in the space, we began the 2010’s entrenched in print, publishing and on-prem installations. Today, we still count some of the biggest media companies as customers, but now they are accompanied by others from almost every vertical - most often in the cloud. How to manage millions - if not trillions - pieces of corporate content: files, documents, images, audio, video, web and everything in between - is a universal problem every business is facing.

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5 Ways you can Automate Metadata Population

After you've decided what metadata you want to use to organize and categorize your digital assets, you'll need to get metadata populated within your DAM system. There are several built-in tools, that can help you automate tasks specific to extracting or converting existing metadata from assets and other systems. Metadata automation tools help you populate your DAM system faster, to quickly increase asset findability, improve brand consistency, and reduce risks by enforcing rights management and naming conventions.

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What is Metadata and How is it Used in Digital Asset Management?

If you are reading this, you may already have an idea of what metadata is, or you may be looking for an easy-to-understand explanation. For those that don’t, a simple explanation for metadata is the set of attributes that are used to describe assets (photos, graphics, PDFs, videos etc). Good metadata is critical for digital asset management to ensure that your assets are categorized and organized to be easily found. On the other side of the spectrum, bad metadata creates clutter and confusion, making finding assets difficult, and often deters users from adopting a DAM system.

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